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"Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing." -Barry Finlay

Mountain climbing is my favorite sport (and recreation). It taught me to be invincible against problems I am facing. I love biking and running too. So, naturally all of my photos are related to them :)

Kamki (Kiamaki) Mountains

Kamki peak from nearby Baghcheband peak My most beloved mountain, Kamki.. Clouds coming.. Higher than the clouds On the peak Just keep going.. Ganli Ganli valley

Mount Savalan (Sabalan)

Sunrise I have a great interest in being higher than clouds :) view All the problems at first may look hard.. Qartal Dashi (natural eagle sculpture) The lake at the summit

Mount Damavand

The highest peak in middle east On the peak On the peak Clouds


... Waterfull

Kahlik Bulaghi

Starting the hike near Araz river water spring Araz river, the border of Iran and Azerbaijan, from a nice view ...


My destination: Mountain park of Jolfa A memorable biking trail with my friend Babak


Gargar mountain Horses in Gargar mountain Great landscape in Gargar mountain Gargar mountain Preparing some tea Heralds of spring Lichens on Rock - you can see them in the zoomed view Lonely beauty Kamtal wildlife protected area