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Darakeh Mountain Hiking Program

Our next mountain hiking destination is Darakeh. Our program will start at 5:15 am. friday, August 28th, 2015 from Darakeh square (Darakeh bus station), end of Darakeh street (1693 m). Please be on time.

The hiking trail is a bit harder than our previous programs, but I bet the effort worth it. All the hiking trail passes through the valley of Darakeh which has great landscapes. The route is as follows:
1. Darakeh square (1693 m)
2. Palangchal shelter (2550 m)
3. Fifth Station of Tochal (2934 m)

Distances between hiking stations:
From Darakeh square to Palangchal: Appx. 6.6 km
From Palangchal to fifth station of Tochal: Appx. 2.9 km

We can climb to the 7th station (3731 m) and finally Tochal Peak (3962 m), If all the group members agree. The approximate distance between 5th and 7th stations is 5.34 km and between 7th station to the peak is 2 km. Hikers should wear sturdy walking shoes and pack enough water and refreshments.

Please inform Mr. Abbasifard about your presence untill Thursday evening.

If you have any question, you can call: 0912 383 8365 (Mr. Abbasifard)

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